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1st Ko Si 3rd / Third Is My First (Cinemalaya 2014)

Directed by: Real Florido

A woman in her 60s is confronted between two different kinds of love, her first love and her last love. How will she handle them?

The maturity you’ve been yearning to witness is out of sight. The years of being in love or being out of love are not translated into a meaningful experience that’s worthy to be shared. The story does not offer a profound insight about love.

Truly, age doesn’t come with wisdom.

The scenes are filled with typical romance—which only worked because of Nova Villa’s charm. Her youthfulness is refreshing. While you may find yourself drawn to her portrayal as a woman who’s in love, you ask yourself what are the reasons behind such intense emotion.

The flashbacks are quite pointless since they don’t fully show the gravity of love that each of the characters has for one another. The situations from the past are random and generic, providing little weight to the moments in the present.

The conversations turn out to be dry and empty. They’re one-sided. The opportunity of presenting different angles from a certain topic is always neglected. The sides are unequal.

Some quotes and lines are inserted just to make an impact and not to share feelings. All the sadness and joy come temporarily, failing to pass thru the heart.

There could have been possibilities to give morals about responsibility, choice and love. But all got deflated due to the weak screenplay.

The movie title “First Ko Si Third (Third Is My First)” is merely just a play of words and names with no other underlying meaning aside from its literal sense.

Despite the presence of veteran actors, the movie failed to offer a story that’s wiser beyond years.



Cast: Nova Villa, Freddie Webb, Dante Rivero, Ken Chan, Coleen Perez, Denise Barbacena, Lara Morena, RJ Agustin, Ruby Ruiz

Presented by: Cinemalaya 2014, Real Films, Bonfire Productions

Date Released: August 1-10, 2014 at the CCP for Cinemalaya

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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