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5 IN 1

5 in 1 (2022)

Directed by: GB Sampedro

A businessman, who has a girlfriend,

uses his power to lure other woman.

Out of the 5 lead actresses, only Rose Van Ginkel and Debbie Garcia can act properly. The bit players are more effective and capable of acting.

Wilbert Ross has the potential to be a sexy comedy prince. But most of his projects in Vivamax are lacking substance for them to matter.

This movie promotes cheating in a form of comedy. It shows you how to devalue woman by being campy.

Not funny at all.

If anything, this movie is:

1. Corny

2. Cringey

3. Offensive

4. Insensitive

5. Hollow

Indeed , it’s a 5-in-1 movie.

5 IN 1

Rating: 0/5

Cast: Wilbert Ross, Debbie Garcia, Jela Cuenca, Angela Morena, Ava Mendez, Rose Van Ginkel

Presented by: Viva Films, Five 2 Seven Entertainment Production

Date Released: September 23, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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