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Alter Me (2020)

Directed by: RC delos Reyes

Two alters meet in real life. What happens when the alter world and the real world collide?

This movie failed to represent both worlds with its much-needed justice.

The term “alter” was used in a careless and loose manner, almost suggesting a typical social media account. The sensitivities and confidentialities related to its mere existence were not considered.

The conversation scenes are not creating a safe environment to share information. They keep on divulging private matters without proper consent.

The main character is having issues on trusting people, yet her personality says otherwise. The other characters also don’t seem to exercise the value of secret identities. The words coming from their mouth don’t translate well with their actions.

The alter world was used as a backdrop to present a romance flick with no significant underlying story. The introduction part was the only time this movie made a little connection to their chosen topic. The opening narrative turns out to be an empty statement by the end.

The story is weak with or without the alter concept. The characters have no depth with or without their alter accounts. The screenplay doesn’t hone the characters and does only play of words for cheap laughs.

The beautiful element that’s noticeable in this movie is its cinematography and editing. Aside from that, all the other things can be altered.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Enchong Dee, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, JC Santos, Royce Cabrera, Rhed Bustamante, Richard Quan, Kate Alejandrino, Victor Silayan, Via Antonio

Presented by: VIVA Films, Ten17P Films

Date Released: November 15, 2020 on Netflix

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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