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Baka Bukas (C1 Originals 2016)

Directed by: Samantha Lee

A lesbian creative professional falls in love with her best friend who’s a popular actress.

Will their personal preferences be a hindrance to their creative differences? Will they show their true colors in front of the camera? Or will they hide behind the spotlight?

This movie won’t properly address any of those questions. They will leave everything to hopes and chances that Maybe Tomorrow, we may know the answer and it’ll be better.

Dahil baka bukas na lang masasagot ang lahat, wala na silang naipakita ngayon.

Gusto mo malaman kung paano ba sila nahulog sa isa’t isa. Kailan nila naramdaman yung kilig. Gaano ba kasaya. Gaano kasakit. Paano nila haharapin ang sitwasyon nila.

Andaming mahahalagang bagay na magandang ipaalam at iparamdam sayo, pero lahat yun ay pinalagpas nila. Na-kontento na lamang sila sa paisa-isang eksena at pira-pirasong usapan.

Ang mga linya sa bawat usapan ay makatotohanan, pero nawawalan ng bigat at ng kabuluhan, dahil hindi ka nila dinadala sa buhay ng mga karakter na nagsasabi nito.

Hahayaan ka nilang maglakad mag-isa. Hindi ka nila sasamahan na maglakbay sa mundo nila.

A supposed journey becomes a montage of good and bad memories of a lesbian in love. There were no established moments to make you feel the intensity of the pain. There were no heightened emotions to let you experience the joy of being in love.

Amidst the movie’s deficiencies lie the convincing performances of two actresses.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith shows respect and warmth for her character. She has an aura that speaks her love for woman. Hindi nya kailangang ipagsigawan na lesbian sya, para maiparating na may gusto sya sa kapwa babae. The way she carries her identity is so sure and secure; you will not doubt her actions and intentions.

Pairing her with Louise delos Reyes is a beautiful sight. The latter’s vibrancy and energy complement Jasmine’s serenity. Both of them makes a relationship that is worth believing.

This movie has an authentic material.

They have created a relevant plot with many underlying stories and opportunities, but they weren’t able to share them in a moving and empathic manner.



Cast: Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Louise delos Reyes, Kate Alejandrino, Gio Gahol, Nelsito Gomez

Presented by: C1 Originals

Date Released: November 14, 2016 for C1 Originals

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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