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Block Z (2020)

Directed by: Mikhail Red

A zombie film that gives the right mixture of tension, excitement and entertainment — mainly because of its cast.

Maris Racal is the cutest for being the maarteng hindi nakakaasar ang presence. Yves Flores echoes the truth na nakakainis pakinggan. McCoy de Leon, with eyeglasses, can pass as the weak fearful guy. Myrtle Sarrosa is my favorite vice-chair that speaks firmly beyond her beauty.

Ina Raymundo gives a new sexy flavor to the zombie moves. Dimples Romana, as the guard, effortlessly shoots your heart. Joshua Garcia never fails in drama, but I find him suitable for thriller too.

Among all cast, si Julia Barretto ang nabigyan ng buong paglalakbay. At hindi nya sinayang yun. Her scene with Ian Veneracion was brief yet moving. She made it special.

Madaming artista, pero lahat sila nagamit. The overwhelming cast did not overshadow the exciting adventure this film has to offer. Nakatulong ang bawat artista, para kapitan mo ang palabas. May kanya-kanya silang personality, at aabangan mo kung hanggang saan ang kaya nilang marating.

Iisa lang ang main location, pero nasulit nila ang buong lugar. The treatment they did brought the right tension to the house. May path kang sinusundan, kaya alam mong hindi sila pa-ikot-ikot lang sa campus. May action plan sila, kaya alam mong umuusad sila.

The film is downgraded by its underwhelming story. Still your usual zombie film that plays around with its game of survival —but this time— with an upgraded cast and stylish approach.

They have attempts to discuss the virus further and go deeper. Pero dahil sa kagustuhan nilang magkaroon ng Part 2... Masyado nilang tinipid ang mga impormasyon ngayon.

The cliffhanger somehow worked. As you’ve reached the ending, the entertainment peaked its maximum level. Hindi nila tinapos, pero sapat na para matuwa ka. Special mention sa ginamit nilang song by Callalily. That soundtrack and the last scene created a pleasing momentum for an ending.

Block Z may be short in story, but it opens a big world of possibilities in the end. This film serves as a good build-up for its upcoming sequelz.



Cast: Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Maris Racal, Yves Flores, Myrtle Sarrosa, McCoy de Leon, Ina Raymundo, Dimples Romana, Miel Espinoza

Presented by: Star Cinema, Keep Filming

Date Released: January 29, 2020 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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