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Distance (Cinemalaya 2018)

Directed by: Perci Intalan

A mother returns back home after 5 years of absence. How will she make it up to her husband and her children?

The title “Distance” is suitable for this movie, since it describes the closeness of the family. The gap among the characters is suffocating. You’d anticipate how they would interact with each other.

The cold treatment is infectious.

The silent tension is defeaning.

Iza Calzado and Nonie Buencamino are classy in their performance. Their portrayal is convincing enough to make a nuisance out of the characters. Child actresses Alessandra Malonzo and Therese Malvar have the authenticity of being the daughters longing for love and affection.

During one of the confrontation scenes, Therese Malvar strikes a chord with her intense anger and reproach. Her lines are necessary and her delivery is impactful. She created a powerful moment that moves everyone inside the room.

This movie presented problems in a realistic way, but lacked the courage in dealing with them.

Whenever there’s a chance to go deeper, they would divert to another matter. The drama is stretched in a purposeful manner. The suspense is building in an anti-climactic way. Most discussions have the intension of dragging you to anywhere but enlightenment.

All remains to be an elephant in the room.

Instead of empathizing with their situation, you become apathetic because the movie shows no effort in offering care and insight. They have lost the opportunity to share values and guidance to people who may have needed it the most.

The movie focuses more on the drama and ends up being stuck in there. There’s no movement. The distance stays the same.



Cast: Iza Calzado, Nonie Buencamino, Alessandra Malonzo, Adrianna So, Therese Malvar

Presented by: The IdeaFirst Company, Cinemalaya

Date Released: August 3-12, 2018 at the CCP for Cinemalaya

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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