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Sisid (2022)

Directed by: Brillante Mendoza

A Marine Biologist and his wife went to Pola, Mindoro to preserve its fish sanctuary—with the help of a diving assistant.

The movie started strong, taking its time to establish the situation of every character and to introduce the beauty of the sea.

However, there is no follow-through. There’s a big gap on the development of the story.

Sex scenes happen for no reason at all.

Marriage and relationships are not valued. The couple has been together for years, yet the lead character easily screws around with no guilt.

They’re just showing underwater shots of animals and people swimming around. But didn’t bother to explain their assesment, research and processes made for the marine sanctuary.

The ensemble is great. Irma Adlawan is a scene stealer. Kylie Verzosa had her moments; this role marks her most vulnerable performance to date. Mayton Eugenio is a breath of fresh air. Christine Bermas’ crying scene was felt. Paolo Gumabao and Vince Rillon’s pairing could’ve blossomed if the whole script was given importance.

Ang tindi na ng mga nangyayari

pero ang lamya pa rin ng mga linya.

Mabagal na nga ang usad ng kwento

pero andami pa ring kulang na mga eksena.

Magaling naman ang mga artista

pero hindi maganda ang pagkakasulat sa kanila.

Kahit gaano kalalim ka sumisid…

Lubog na lubog na ang istorya.



Cast: Paolo Gumabao, Vince Rillon, Christine Bermas, Irma Adlawan, Mayton Eugenio, Kylie Verzosa

Presented by: Viva Films, Center Stage Productions

Date Released: January 19, 2022 via Vivamax Plus / March 25, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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