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The Other Wife (2021)

Directed by: Prime Cruz

A married couple is trying to start a new life in a secluded area. But “the other wife” keeps showing around.

Who is the other wife?

It’s more than the usual kabit storyline. The mystery is intriguing. They managed to keep your curiosity intact till the end.

Lovi is consistently believable in her role. You can easily follow her train of thoughts just by looking at her.

Rhen is refreshingly impressive in this movie. Her movements can cause intimidation and tension, while still maintaining obscurity for her character.

Masayang pagmasdan ang tensyon na namumuo sa kanila. Randam mo ang pagbabago mula sa una nilang pagkikita hanggang sa dulo. Nagsimula silang tahimik hanggang sa naging maingay na.

Magandang nailathala ng Direktor

ang daloy ng kwento.

Direk Prime was able to maximize what he can, given the limited resources. They only have 3 characters and 1 location. And yet, they’ve executed the story properly and creatively—even during those scenes when Lovi is just talking to someone via phone.

This movie has no gratuitous nudity, but it was still sensual and enticing.

Lots of teasing, but not long enough to bore you. Lots of guessing, but not too irrational to stay out of reality.

The ending justifies the behavior of the main character. The revelation scene brought Lovi’s artistry into a different level. The story concluded in a logical manner—though there were some important elements left neglected.

Joem’s role is crucial in all the happenings. But he wasn’t given the chance to partake in her wife’s development. Rhen’s character motive is insufficient; it seems like she’s showing off just because she can.

Hindi rin gaanong nagamit ang propesyon ni Lovi dito, para magkaroon ng mas maganda at kakaibang diskusyon ukol sa nangyayari sa kanila.

Nonetheless, having a title of “The Other Wife” is a wise move because it manifests underlying messages suited for the movie.

With the current offerings of VivaMax, this film definitely goes way ahead of its contemporaries. It sets a good standard for VivaMax that it doesn’t need to be grandiose or controversial to come up with a decent film.



Cast: Lovi Poe, Joem Bascon, Rhen Escaño

Presented by: Viva Films

Date Released: July 16, 2021 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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