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Watch List (2020)

Directed by: Ben Rekhi

Alessandra de Rossi’s family is in peril as the police suspects their drug relations.

She will do anything to keep her family away from danger. And how she is doing it serves as the core of this film.

Umikot ang pelikula sa kanya. Through her eyes, you can see the world. Nakita mo kung paano tumakbo ang mundo. Pinaramdam nya sayo ang bigat nito. Even on simplest moments na nakikipaglaro lang sya sa mga anak nya, naibigay nya ang saya at ang lungkot. She moves you in all ways possible.

Ito ang karakter na hindi mo kayang iwan dahil madadala ka. Ang buhay nya ay buhay mo na rin. Ang pamilya nya ay mga anak mo na rin.

Micko Laurente, one of her children, managed to get your attention above satisfaction. Towards the end, he showed something intangible of which can only be perceived by emotions. His final act captured the compelling sensation of reality in an instant.

The characters have the ability to transcend movie screens and penetrate our everyday reality.

The script can get unconversational at times, breaking the natural mood of the film. But the irony of it seems wiser beyond words. They let you feel what is real from what is not with their choice of words.

The story along with all the other elements keeps moving forward. The flow keeps getting intense, as you become restless. And still, you ask for more.

The film’s reiteration of reality is not enough to produce a groundbreaking effect and make a proactive impact. The most significant element in storytelling is sharing that knowledge and experience on dealing with consequential matters in life — in which they translated inadequately.

What you see is only what you can get. Pinakita nila sayo ang mundo at ikaw na ang bahala kung ano ang gusto mong gawin dito. Your motives are at question. Your responsibility is at stake.

The film has the power to pass on the torch to you. And let you decide how you want to keep the fire burning.

Will you blow it. Or watch it burn.



Cast: Alessandra de Rossi, Miko Laurente, Jake Macapagal, Art Acuña, Lou Veloso, Timothy Castillo, Jess Mendoza

Presented by: Reality Entertainment, XYZ Films, State of Awe

Date Released: March 19, 2020 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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