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The Influencer (2022)

Directed by: Louie Ignacio

An influencer gets tortured by a fan.

Out of all the influencers, why him?

There’s a limited story created for the main character which is supposedly the influencer. You don’t know his motivations and his background in life. You won’t know what is special about him. The story made him look like a secondary cast.

There’s a background story created for the fan. But it was seemingly used as a gimmick for added drama and thrill. There’s no conscious effort to discuss about it.

The story lacks continuity.

The direction is messy.

The visuals are not enticing.

The conversations are mostly fillers.

Although there’s a message at the end, it seems out of place from the whole storyline. The foundation of this movie is still built upon distasteful nudity and sex.

Kung meron mang naidulot na maganda ang pelikulang ito, yun ay ang pag-arte ng mga pangunahing bida.

This is Sean de Guzman and Cloe Barreto’s best performance. It shows their truest potential as actors, especially during their scene with Soliman Cruz. Cloe Barreto proves she’s on a different league among her Vivamax peers. Expectedly, Ruby Ruiz and Elizabeth Oropesa were exceptional.

Susubukan kang impluwensyahan ng pelikulang ito dahil sa galing ng mga artista. Pero tadtad pa rin ito ng kalaswaan. Kapos sa istorya. Makalat ang direksyon.

Huwag magpapalinlang sa The Influencer.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Sean de Guzman, Cloe Barreto

Presented by: Viva Films, 3:16 Media Network

Date Released: August 12, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews




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