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1-2-3 (wan-tu-tri) / Gasping For Air (Cinemalaya 2016 Opening Film)

Directed by: Carlo Obispo

Two siblings share a bond that is tested by fate and circumstances. Will they surpass all the obstacles that come their way? Or will they continue gasping for air?

1 - 2 - 3

You can’t enumerate how many times this film imparted the value of family, particularly love for siblings.

As the older brother, Carlos Dala is natural in expressing his love and concern for his sister. No matter how small or big his actions are, you will never doubt his sincerity. He also has the appeal of a boy-next-door whom you can depend on.

As the younger sister, Barbara Miguel shows different personalities from extreme ends. She can be an innocent juvenile or a passionate artist. Either way, you can feel her passion burning.

As the common friend, Therese Malvar brings the needed distraction to the film’s heavy and serious tone. Her lively and loud portrayal serves as a ray of sunshine amidst the dark clouds.

The actors are convincing and the conversations are truthful, making it less harder to understand the path they’re taking.

The storytelling is fast-paced, but you won’t get lost. There are many facets to the story, but you won’t get confused.

The scenes are straightforward. Some of them can be too detailed, provoking controversies in a deliberate manner. Discussions and resolutions might be lacking to address these pressing concerns.

The film remained focus on what they can fully grasp—which is something intangible. They made good use of emotions to present a familiar theme in a different shade, both dark and enlightening.

As you count how many times they have taken you to dark places, also recall the moments they have enlightened you. What stands out is the film’s valuable message that is set to warms our hearts.


Cast: Carlos Dala, Barbara Miguel, Therese Malvar

Presented by: TBA Studios

Date Released: August 5, 2016 at the CCP for Cinemalaya Opening Film

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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