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366 (2022)

Directed by Bela Padilla

For 1 year straight, a guy gives a free packed lunch to a girl—without talking to each other. On the 365th day, the guy decides to talk to the girl.

This kind of plot purposely manipulates the natural way of life to carry on with their posh movie title.

Who cooks for a girl for 365 days with no interaction at all? Sinong babae ang tatanggap ng mga libreng pagkain nang hindi man lang nag-effort na magpa-salamat nang personal?

Sina Marco at June.

Si Marco na isang chef, pero isang beses mo lang nakitang nagluto at pumunta sa restaurant niya. Si June na hindi mo alam anong trabaho, dahil isang beses mo lang nakitang pumasok sa opisina.

On their 2nd year, Marco and June suddenly become inseparable. Mula sa isang taon na hindi nagkikita at nag-uusap… ay naging magkasama na sila halos araw-araw.

Marco teaches June how to live her life alone. Yet they are becoming co-dependent on each other. Their actions are in contrast to what they’re trying to achieve.

A lot of topics was missed, such as handling long distance relationships, delaying your passion, keeping secrets, moving on and staying strong.

The conversations mostly fall on trivial things, failing to introduce the characters as a whole person. You only know them as a guy and girl who likes to spend time with each other.

For a movie that puts 366 days on pedestal, the days are not highlighted. It’s just a background of sticky notes that the movie can easily live without.

You wouldn’t even notice that it’s leap year already and it’s the 366th day—if the characters didn’t deliberately mention it.

The plot is unrealistic, but Bela Padilla and Zanjoe Marudo's acting felt real. The scoring and cinematography make the scenes melancholic. Some acts are meaningful, especially when Bela is static inside the room and the world around her keeps on revolving.

The movie has a visually-pleasing direction with questionable character decisions. The story is pretentious, trying hard to glorify its movie title—even if the situations don’t call for it.

Kahit hindi pa talaga maayos ang mga karakter… Pero dahil 366th day na… okay na daw sila… at tapos na ang pelikula.



Cast: Bela Padilla, JC Santos, Zanjoe Marudo

Presented by: VIVA Films

Date Released: April 15, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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