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Mia (2020)

Directed by: Veronica Velasco

Mia has flaws and imperfections. But they’re not afraid of showing them. And that’s what makes it more beautiful.

The script can be cheesy and unrealistic at times. Especially the scene when Edgar asked for a date with Coleen while a mother is about to give birth. The issues presented in the movie, such as drinking and mining, could’ve been explained better. The idea behind the name Mia could’ve been expounded.

The actors could‘ve done better. My relationship with them are on and off. Minsan, natutuwa ako sa acting nila. Sometimes, it’s M.I.A. or Missing In Action. Either kulang sa passion, or lacking in depth. Coleen’s tagalog enunciation can be distracting too.

There were some bad elements. Pero hinayaan nilang makita natin yun. They let you see those scars. Only to find some beauty in it.

Yung script na unrealistic became something tangible. Yung main cheesy quote nila ay nagtunog four-cheese sa sarap. Edgar instantly became a knight in shining armor. Coleen is a stand-out in the last scene.

All throughout the movie, you might ask why she is playing the role of Mia. Then here comes her final performance — which was really moving. Kung paano nya sinabi ang bawat linya, so hurtful yet inspiring. That scene captured the essence of the whole movie. The scoring was instrumental too in highlighting the emotions.

That last moment summarized the movie without having to discredit all the previous scenes. It’s a journey na kailangan mong sundan mula simula para ma-appreciate mo yung dulo.

Starting from the opening scene, kung saan bumangon si Mia mula sa kama... Dun pa lang, may moment na silang ginawa. At unti-unti nilang inipon yun para makarating sa magandang wakas.

This movie has a clear direction, and they remained faithful to it. They stayed true to what they can offer. Alam nila kung ano ang gusto nilang sabihin. At kung paano nila ito sasabihin. They take you on a journey one step at a time. And as you’ve reached the last stretch, you’ll realize what a beautiful ride it was.

The ending showed all the beauty this movie has been hiding from the very beginning. They saved their best for last, and it’s worth it.



Cast: Coleen Garcia, Edgar Allan Guzman

Presented by: VIVA Films, Insight360 Films

Date Released: January 15, 2020 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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