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Afam (Vivamax 2023) Directed by: Linnet Zurbano

Dalawang magkaibigan ang nagkadarapa sa iisang afam upang matupad ang kanilang pangarap.

Ang amateur ng pagkakagawa. Sobrang na-exploit ang mga babae. Ang baboy ng mga shots. Ang chaka ng scoring. Mukhang cheap ang lahat.

The script feels like the first draft. Every scene looks like they’re part of the behind-the-scenes. The acting is lame. The characters are senseless. The comedy is petty. The jokes are irritating. The story is trashy. The movie is hopeless.

It’s an agony to watch this movie from start to end.

Expectations were already below negative. But this is an all-time low.


Rating: -2/5 Cast: Jela Cuenca, Rob Guinto, Nico Locco, Alexa Ocampo, PJ Rosario, Katya Santos, Giselle Sanchez Date Released: May 5, 2023 via Vivamax Presented by: Archangel Media, Inc., Viva Films A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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