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Bula (2022)

Directed by: Bobby Bonifacio Jr.

A laundrywoman is using her client’s clothes to satisfy her sexual fantasies. She also kills people on the side.

Bakit niya ito ginagawa?

Dahil gusto daw niya.

The backstory is insufficient to give meaning to her actions. The characters are senseless. Moreover, the leads are not convincing.

Ayanna Misola is a miscast, giving blank expressions to her multiple personalities. Being the main character, she has the most scenes. Yet all those scenes feel empty and monotonous.

Gab Lagman wears his police uniform like a mere costume. You won’t see him doing police work. He is only in action during sex scenes.

The secondary characters are more effective. You can easily empathize with Ana Abad-Santos. Even with no lines, Mon Confiado delivers.

Most Vivamax stories involve characters that are mentally challenged. But only a few movies gave importance to this condition. It’s mostly used as a gimmick to show off. This movie belongs to the latter.

All songs are OPM. Some are nostalgic and related to the scenes, while the other songs are just part of a checklist that needs to be played before the movie ends.

The lines are witty and could have been more entertaining if the main actors performed better.

Maraming pagkakataon na maganda sana ang mga eksena. Pero dahil hindi ito naisasabuhay nang mahusay, agad din itong nawawala.

Naglalaho agad ang ganda na parang Bula.



Cast: Ayanna Misola, Rob Quinto, Gab Lagman, Alvaro Oteyza, Nic Galvez, Ana Abad-Santos, Mon Confiado

Presented by: Viva Films

Date Released: September 2, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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