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Iska (Cinemalaya 2019)

Directed by: Theodore Boborol

Magaling lahat ng cast.

Pero siyempre, special mention si Iska.

Isang daang palakpak para kay Ruby Ruiz.

Ramdam mo ang bawat pagod nya. Sinagad ang galing niya rito. Her story is filled with rollercoaster of events. It lets you appreciate and feel many things.

The beauty of it is also its weakness. Too many issues being bombarded to you. At some point, you wanted it to stop becauseyou already got the point and resolution. But it keeps going. Parang double dead ang pakiramdam. Patay ka na nga. Papatayin ka pa. What do we do? What do we feel?

You're lost by the end of the movie.



Cast: Ruby Ruiz, Soliman Cruz, Ricky Rivero, Jonic Magno, Jomari Angeles, RK Bagatsing, Pryle Gura,Angie Castrence, Ana Abad Santos, Jade Lopez, Elora Españo, Cherry Malvar, Sunshine Teodoro, Divine Acuna and Beauty Gonzales

Date Released: August 2–13, 2019 for Cinemalaya 2019

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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