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Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 3: Movie Cut

The Real Untold Story of Josephin Bracken (2019)

Directed by: Marlon Rivera

Eugene Domingo gave a profound meaning to the word “comedy” that is often misused by mediocre comedians.

Hindi nya kelangan manlait ng kapwa para maging nakakatawa. She made fun of herself to reiterate the elephant in the room. She used her expertise to relay the jokes running in the Philippine Cinema.

The jokes in our industry are endless. Making this satirical film abundant with its content.

Pinag-usapan nila kung pano gumawa ng pelikula. At kung pano ito gaganda. Beauty is however subjective to every person.

Portraying the role of a director/ producer/ actress, Eugene lets you feel who’s in charge. She remains on top. As the writer, Joey Reyes keeps her on ground. At nakakatawa kung pano nya ginawa yun. As the fellow actress and friend, Mylene Dizon serves as the harsh reality. Nakakadala ang tension na dinulot niya rito.

It’s always a treat and a blast when they talk to each other. You‘ll witness arguments about creative differences vs personal preferences. Which is which. Dun kaba sa joke na mukhang seryoso. Or the serious ones that are being treated like a joke. Either way, their humor is overwhelming, but still has a meaning.

The smartest punchline they could throw is making a film based on History. Wala kang laban sa kasaysayan. It’s plain black & white. It’s their ultimate guideline in filmmaking.

Just when you thought that History’s objectivity will compensate Beauty’s subjectivity... You’ll be entertained on how they deliberately mix these elements.

The film sometimes can get too far, that you may lose connection to them. Masyadong sagad ang iba nilang ginagawa. Kulang na lang, tuklawin ka ng mensaheng sinasabi nila. I know they intended to do it that way. But I’d appreciate adding more layers to the characters to make them more comprehensible.

I guess 2 hours is not enough. The 3rd installment of Babae Sa Septic Tank is available in 7-part series and a movie cut. Watching them both is highly recommended.

Marami silang naibigay na katatawanan at katotohanan. Camp art is utilized in a hilarious yet meaningful way, taking comedy to greater heights.



Cast: Eugene Domingo, Mylene Dizon, Jose Javier Reyes, Ambeth Ocampo, Tony Labrusca, Joanna Ampil, Erlinda Villalobos, Sue Prado, Che Ramos, Mercedes Cabral, Adrienne Vergara, Elora Españo, Lao Rodriguez

Presented by: iWant, Dreamscape Digital

Date Released: January 8, 2019 via iWantTFC

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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