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Ang Pambansang Third Wheel (2018)

Directed by: Ivan Andrew Payawal

A girl who’s always been a third wheel falls in love with a single daddy — making her a third wheel anew to the father and son relationship.

This movie had a purposeful plot, but lost its substance due to their exaggerated execution and insincere storytelling.

Hindi nangungusap ang mga salita nila. Tatadtarin ka nila ng mga kasabihan at mga linyahan. Pero lahat yun ay labas-pasok lang sa tenga mo. Walang nananatili sayo.

The conversations feel surreal. The words are either excessively cheesy or overly dramatic. The script has too many things to say, neglecting the topics that are most important.

The purpose of their every discussion is to give a show and not to deliver a message.

They focus more on the visual approach, whereas the main character likes to imagine scenarios beyond reality. Most of the time, you are inside her head as she plays around with her own movie.

Imagination took over and the reality is just a blur.

Papalayo nang papalayo ang palabas nato — hanggang sa nakalabas na sila sa sarili nilang kwento. Hindi mo na alam kung ano ba ang pinapanuod mo.

The story has no flow. There’s a lot of skips and fast forwards. The scenes you need to see are the ones that are missing. Even the narrations can’t cover for the lost moments. The movie ends leaving you unsatisfied with how they interpreted the concept of Third Wheel.

Mabilis nilang dinaanan ang pagiging Third Wheel. Hindi mo naranasan kung paano umikot sa mundo nito. Andaming butas na kailangang punan, para magkaroon ng laman ang palabas nato.

The only consolation in this movie is the chemistry of Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby, in which unfortunately they weren’t able to utilize well.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Yassi Pressman, Sam Milby, Kim Molina, Sam Pinto, Candy Pangilinan, Alonzo Muhlach

Presented by: VIVA Films, IdeaFirst Company

Date Released: March 7, 2018 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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