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Arisaka (2021)

Directed by: Mikhail Red

While being chased by enemies, the protagonist found an old rifle that could change the course of her life. That rifle is called “Arisaka”.

It’s your typical duel of good vs evil—but a lot quieter.

Maja Salvador and Mon Confiado make a good tandem as they are credible in their respective roles.

These actors plus the cinematography and the scoring are what’s keeping this film alive.

The silent tension they’ve been giving is consistent for you to stick around. And anticipate for what else they might have to offer.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing more.

Most scenes are prolonged, making it dragging more than a slow burn.

Their topics hint on social injustice and historical significance. Though it’s not firm enough for it make an impact. The conversations are dry and not engaging.

It’s just an hour of chasing and killing.

The movie title “Arisaka” sounded strong, but its symbolisms are not. The power and sound of its bullet is weak, failing to make a mark.



Cast: Maja Salvador, Mon Confiado, Art Acuña, Shella Mae Romualdo, Kiel Rodriguez, Royce Cabrera, Michael Roy Jornales

Presented by: Ten17P

Date Released: December 9, 2021 on Netflix

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



評等為 0(最高為 5 顆星)。

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