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Bela Luna (Vivamax 2023) Directed by: Mac Alejandre

A writer named Bela and a teacher named Luna help each other reflect on their lives, together with a director and a holdaper.

The movie has four major characters that are not well-defined. There’s a director with no vision, a teacher with no classes, a holdaper with no plans, and a writer with no creativity. There’s no background made for them, and it seems like their roles exist just to make the plot look good.

The songs played are unfit to the mood of the scenes. The flow is anti-climactic. There’s no climax. Seeing Julio Diaz naked is probably the most shocking scene.

Playing a dual role, Angeli Khang is heavily aided by her attire to distinguish the difference. She can carry a scene, but there’s a little to none in terms of nuances in acting.

The conversation topics are liberating and far from Vivamax branding. This is a Vivamax movie that challenges the Vivamax content.

Tinitira nila ang kanilang sarili.


Ngunit kulang pa sa laman ang istorya at kulang pa sa ganda ang pagkakagawa.


⭐️ Cast: Angeli Khang, Kiko Estrada, Mark Anthony Fernandez Presented by: Viva Films Date Released: January 27, 2023 via Vivamax A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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