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Belle Douleur (Cinemalaya 2019)

Directed by: Joji Villanueva Alonso

45-year old single woman falls in love with a young guy, wherein their charm and sweetness sparkle amid the age gap.

You may yearn for discussions on what qualities each other has that lead them to their cougar relationship. But neither of the characters dwell on age and preference as a heavy topic.

The film focuses on building a story beyond fairytale lovers, and defining love in a more profound manner.

Mylene Dizon essentially captured what love is from her character’s perspective. Her actions speak and her words cut deep. She was able to share her pain without having to drown in tears. She can cry on the inside and come out stronger.

Kit Thompson is a lovely leading man you can rely on. His innocence and appeal work in favor of the story. The tandem of Marlon Rivera and Jenny Jamora inject the needed laughter in every conversation without losing their essence.

The interaction among the cast can get as smooth as the cinematography. The nature was captured with vibrance. Their intimate scenes were crafted with care and style.

Conversations run real and discussion points stay concise. There’s a gradual build-up of the details you need to know before arriving at the climax. They give you the moments piece by piece. Then leave you with an impactful ending that will shatter your heart into pieces.

The pain demands to be felt, but doesn’t want to be lingered upon. They managed to turn your worst pain into your most beautiful one.

What remains is a beautiful pain.



Cast: Mylene Dizon, Kit Thompson, Jenny Jamora, Marlon Rivera, Ruby Ruiz

Presented by: Quantum Films, Cinemalaya, iWant

Date Released: August 2-13, 2019 at the CCP for Cinemalaya

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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