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Don Filipo (Cinemalaya 2021 Indie Nation)

Directed by: Tim Muñoz

A nurse, a helper & an old man named Don Filipo…

All living in a house that is rumored to be haunted.

This movie plays around with different genres ranging from gore, tragic romance, horror to erotica. Then inject a touch of Satanism.

What was the outcome?

It resulted to a campy comedy that doesn’t know what it wants.

The movie is confused with its theme.

Trying to horrify you with bloods and ghosts.

Teasing you with unli crotch and bulge shots.

Serving you gratuitous nudity and romance.

Andaming pinakita na walang kinalaman sa istorya. Yung mga shots, puro nakatutok sa dibdib at brip nila. Kulang na lang isubsob sa mukha mo ang mga katawan nila.

Sinamahan pa ng ahas at multo na imbes na matakot ka ay maiirita ka na lang.

Hindi mo alam kung gusto bang manakot o magpatawa o magpakilig. Kaya nilagay na lang lahat, kahit hilaw pa ang bawat isa.

The two male leads have the potential in acting, but their roles are not written well. The characters don’t have their own identity.

All their backgrounds are essential to the story, but they failed to produce a good narrative out of it. They just summarized these details through a conversation or two, leaving the characters unrelatable and impenetrable.

The twists in the story are anticlimatic. Though they are making sense, you can’t fully enjoy the revelations, because you’re not invested to the characters.

Hindi ka matatakot kahit magpatayan sila diyan.

Hindi ka kikiligin kahit maglandian pa sila diyan.

Pero baka matawa ka sa kung anu-anong pinagagawa nila dito sa Don Filipo na’to.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Luis Padilla, Adrian Arias, Rap Robes, Megan Sharpe, JM Martinez

Presented by: Pink Elephant Productions

Date Released: August 9, 2021 via (Cinemalaya runs from August 6 to September 5, 2021)

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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