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Echorsis (2016)

Directed by: Lemuel Lorca

Expect 3 actors trying to save this movie several times.

Starting with John Lapus as the closeted obedient son to his conversative mother and ex-military dad. His character story has the potential to go deep but it didn’t go anywhere else and was just buried deep.

Emerging out of nowhere, Kean Cipriano is the exorcist who helps other people to be free from bad spirits, but his own self is locked down by the principles of Catholic church. This setting is full of promises left unfulfilled due to their lack of focus.

Concluding the trio is Alex Medina being the heartless opportunist that makes money out of gays’ weaknesses. His situation created a wasted opportunity to impart a moral because of their weak storytelling.

Maaaring iisa ang kanilang paksa. Pero hindi sila makagawa ng isang buong kwento para dito.

Marami silang kaisipan at palaisipan na gustong ipamalas. Pero hindi nila napagtagpi-tagpi nang maayos ang lahat ng ito.

Pabugso-bugso ang mga linyahan. Andaming nagsusulputan kung saan saan. Nakakatawa kapag narinig mo. Palaisipan kapag inintindi mo.

This movie primarily exists due to its witty one-liners having dual meanings. It was fun while it lasted, but it failed to create a good memorable experience as a whole.

All that remains is a messy presentation with too many characters and voices that don’t sync as one.

Naging makalat at magulo ang palabas nato. Hindi na nila alam kung sino sila, at kung ano ang ipinaglalaban nila.

Lives of 3 men with different social classes and sexual orientation are intertwined.

The result is a massive identity crisis.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: John Lapus, Alex Medina, Kean Cipriano, Odette Khan, Ruby Ruiz, Nico Antonio, Bekimon, Francine Garcia, Chokoleit, Kiray Celis, Negi Negra, Alessandra de Rossi

Presented by: Insight 360 Films

Date Released: April 13, 2016 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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