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Edward (Cinemalaya 2019)

Directed by: Thop Nazareno

Sa iisang lugar lang nangyari ang mga eksena. Pero nadala ka nila sa ibat ibang lugar.

They made the most of what their setting can offer, and Edward is a perfect tour guide. He will take you to different places of emotions. And you're with him throughout this movie.

Mabilis kang makaka-relate kay Edward because Louise Abuel made it easy. He is so raw and believable. His simple little actions and reactions are the most effective conveyer of emotions.

Not only Louise, but the cast around him too. Elijah Canlas has this strong appeal which greatly complemented his role. Ella Cruz portrayed her character with its much-needed impact.

Lahat sila, natural sa bawat eksena. However, the flow of the scenes could have been better. The movie could have showed more value on how the scenes are connected to each other, then maintain a momentum and establish an ending with a stronger finish.

Still a good movie.

Makukuha ka niya. Pero hindi buong buo.



Cast: Louise Abuel, Ella Cruz, Elijah Canlas, Dido dela Paz, Manuel Chua

Date Released: August 2–13, 2019 for Cinemalaya 2019

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews


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