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Elise (2019)

Directed by: Joel Ferrer

Walang intense na iyakan, pero solve ka na agad sa expression ng mukha at ng mata nya. Walang heavy scenes, pero ang lakas ng dating nya. Walang quotable lines, ero nang-iiwan sya ng marka. The role of Elise was justified by Janine Gutierrez. Ganun siya kagaling rito.

As the young Elise, Krystal Brimner set the bar right. Sinimulan at ginawan nya ng distinct na personality si Elise — isang astig na babae, pero malambot ang puso. Yung tipong kayang manuntok, pero kaya ding umiyak. As the young Bert, Geson Granado gave a charming innocent performance. Because of their portrayal, the childhood timeline was hard to let go.

The character of Elise had a smooth transition from young to adult. Lead actresses Krystal and Janine had so much resemblance, not only with their facial features, but also by the way they act. Hindi ramdan na magkaibang aktor ang gumanap kay Elise.

On the other hand. Enchong Dee made a new personality different from his young self. His wit and Victor Anastacio’s are off most of the time, ruining the could have been sincerest moments in the movie. Some jokes were insensitive and disrespectful to the receiving end. That kind of bad rhythym went on through out the movie.

The story is narrated by Enchong Dee. But it doesn’t seem like it’s coming from his perspective. Kwento lang sya nang kwento. Pero hindi ka makapasok sa isip nya. Hindi mo alam kung anong main goal nya sa buhay. Kung gaano kahalaga si Elise sa kanya. At kung paano nag-evolve yung feelings nya for Elise.

You won't see Elise through the eyes of Enchong. You're detached sa paraan ng pag-kwento nila. Moments are fleeting. Their connection is weak. The strongest point in this movie is the graceful portrayal of Janine Gutierrez as Elise.



Cast: Janine Gutierrez, Enchong Dee, Krystal Brimner, Geson Granado, Victor Anastacio, Laura Lehman, Jackie Lou Blanco, Pilita Corales

Presented by: Regal Films

Date Released: ‎February 6, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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