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Five Breakups And A Romance (2023)

Directed by: Irene Emma Villamor

There’s a couple who had

five breakups and a romance.

The movie literally showed five different breakup scenes and a romance. These scenes are not enough to show the depth of their love. The moments in between are being skipped. The journey of their relationship is missing.

Every scene feels like the highlight already. Every conversation seems important, but because you are not part of their journey, the lines weigh less. You are only there when big things are happening, but the little moments are important too.

You won’t get to know more about the characters. You think you already know them, and then suddenly, you don’t recognize them again. In the end, they are both an acquaintance to you.

The movie relies on relationships in general and not on its own story and characters. Whether or not you watch the whole movie, every conversation can mean something. Every breakup scene can be translated into a real-life heartbreaking experience. The scenes can stand on their own, but when merged together, they’re not holistic.

Regardless if you know her character or not, Julia Montes finds a way to connect with you. You don’t know what exactly happened to her, but she can make you feel what she went through.

Alden Richards had a few believable moments here and there, but they’re scattered. There were many versions of Alden Richards whereas there’s 1 Julia Montes with different stages of emotions and maturity.

At some point in our lives, we experience the pain of losing someone. But in order for that pain to be felt… the joy of being with that someone should also be there.

Kung hindi mo ramdam na nagmahalan sila… Paano ka masasaktan nang lubusan sa tuwing naghihiwalayan sila?



Cast: Julia Montes, Alden Richards

Presented by: GMA Pictures, Cornerstone Studios, Myriad Entertainment

Date Released: October 18, 2023 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Revie by: Goldwin Reviews

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