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Gameboys: The Movie (2021)

Directed by: Ivan Andrew Payawal

Dalawang lalaking nagmamahalan

ang nagsasama sa iisang tahanan.

Ilang beses mong maririnig ang “baby”.

Maya’t maya ang yakap at halik.

Umaapaw ang kanilang tuwa at kilig.

Hanggang saan sila kayang dalhin

ng kanilang pagmamahalan?

Hindi nasusukat ang pagmamahal

sa pagiging masaya lamang.

Ipaparamdam ng pelikulang ito kung paano maging masaya. Para gamitin ito upang mas masaktan ka.

Kung gaano ka natuwa

ay doble ang balik na sakit.

Paglalaruan nila ang iyong damdamin.

This movie plays the game of emotions without going overboard. It is grounded to what is real. They will hurt you, but in a significant way.

As Cairo, Elijah Canlas exudes both the naivety and courage found in relationships. You can feel his awkwardness and discomfort when confronted by other people. But when the need arises, he sets aside his fear to fight for what is right.

As Gavreel, Kokoy de Santos added a new profound layer for his character. You can easily empathize with him. He can steal the spotlight just by standing and without saying anything.

Adrianna So is comparable to a ray of sunshine amidst the dark clouds. Her GIF sticker is a must-have in every casual chat room. Kyle Velino’s firm personality complemented Miggy Jimenez’s whimsical behavior. Kych Minemoto’s role provided a quick outlook on rejection and acceptance. Susan Africa, despite short appearance, made an effective portrayal of a strong and caring Tita.

Angie Castrence is a standout among the cast. Her intimidating demeanor during the table scenes provided some compelling arguments needed in the story.

Diving further into every discussion that they started is a missed opportunity in this film. They try to summarize every angle in just a conversation or two. Some character subplots are underutilized, even if they were made critical on certain conversations.

Nonetheless, the dialogues are still provocative, letting you feel the dismay and burden of the characters.

This movie has taken boy romance into the next level by presenting issues and situations that are often hard to face in real life.

The cinematography radiates the state of their relationship which can be colorful or gloomy.

When most romantic flicks hastily insert a beach scene out of nowhere, it’s a different case for this movie since it is necessary. Their constant reminder about COVID-19 protocols is also essential.

The songs were chosen and played for the right reasons. It matches the mood needed to be felt in every scene. Mas lumalalim ang sakit kapag nilalapatan na ng kanta ang eksena.

Wala kang magawa kundi umiyak na lamang,

dahil nakakahawa ang kanilang kalungkutan.

Nakakatakot ang kanilang pinagdaraanan.

Hanggang saan nila kayang dalhin

ang kanilang pagmamahalan?

Walang nakakaalam. Pero sa ngayon, ang kanilang istorya ay ating aabangan…

Hanggang sa Huli.



Cast: Elijah Canlas, Kokoy de Santos, Kyle Velino, Miggy Jimenez, Kych Minemoto, Susan Africa, Angie Castrence

Presented by: The IdeaFirst Company

Date Released: July 30, 2021 via and @ticket2me

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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