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Gayuma / Allure (QCinema 2015)

Directed by: Cesar Hernando

A student artist falls in love with a beautiful model and sees it as a mysterious art.

Nagayuma sya sa ganda at sa hiwaga nito.

Without looking at the details, the artist succumbs to the visual characteristics of this art. Having no background about this woman, the boy becomes obsessed with her.

How can you define love from an artist’s point of view?

This movie tried to explain it through lifeless lectures, hasty references, gratuitous nudity and horrendous mystery.

The College Professors keep on discussing about Fine Arts technicalities as if wanting to educate the viewers. Words mean nothing if they cannot translate it into something perceivable that we can truly appreciate.

More on the talking.

Less of the showing.

The characters often cite famous painters out of the blue, trying to make irrelevant conversations fancy and artsy; but they only result to random roll calls.

Full of allegories without context.

They fantasize the idea of nothingness, leading the characters to strip off their clothes and wear nothing. The supposed art has turned into a soft porn video.

Punong-puno ang palabas nato ng hubaran na walang katuturan. Wala ng natira sa kanila.

Ang pagmamahal na pilit nilang binibigyan ng kahulugan ay napunta sa kahibangan. Ang sining na gusto nilang pahalagahan ay naging mababaw na kababalaghan lamang.

This movie remains to be an empty canvas with nothing definite and abstract to share.


Rating: -1/5

Cast: Benjamin Alves, Elora Españo, Phoebe Walker, Cherie Gil

Presented by: Buchi Boy Entertainment / TBA Studios, QCinema 2015

Date Released: October 22 to 31, 2015 for QCinema

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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