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Ginhawa (Cinemalaya 2022)

Directed by: Christian Paolo Lat

An aspiring boxer from the province

goes to Manila to fulfill his dreams.

At first, you’re merely an audience to his fights.

Punches will be thrown, but it won’t hit you.

As the boxer, Andrew Ramsay lacks that passion and struggle within him. As the coach, Dido de la Paz is effectively irritating. As the mother, Ruby Ruiz can easily stand out with her heartfelt performance. As the friend, Shun Andrei Bacalla is sympathizable. As the girl from the club, Chanel Latorre is believable.

The story written for the protagonist needs more refining. His actions are apathetic. His decisions don’t justify the background established for him.

Roads are conveniently paved for the main character. But the love for his mother, his brother and his dream don’t coincide with each other.

Despite the deficiencies, the movie didn’t lose its focus. It knows where it is heading. It has a consistent direction.

From a mere audience, you gradually start to invest on the story. You now listen to their conversations. You now root for their next action.

The story becomes interesting,

as it tackles life beyond the four corners of the ring.

The punches are now harder to ignore.

Things not shown on the actual boxing match are casually being shared in this movie. The last fight is the best fight. The ending song is very fitting.

For the first few rounds of this movie, it was a miss. By the middle round, it was starting to get in shape. By the last round, it landed right where it should be—while it hits you with the realities of a dream.

Will this dream give me solace ?

Or just give me further damage ?

You choose your own path.



Cast: Andrew Ramsay, Duane Lucas Pascua, Ruby Ruiz, Rolando Inocencio, Kiko Matos, Chanel Latorre, Shun Andrei Bacalla, Dido de la Paz

Presented by: Black Toro Productions

Date Released: August 6, 2022 on CCP

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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