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GG (2024)

Directed by: Prime Cruz

A boy is good with online games

but not with school grades.

For a movie that’s about online gaming, the visuals didn’t disappoint. The visual effects are pretty impressive. The cinematography is well thought of. The editing is neat. The scoring is dramatic and effective.

The montages about family relationships are impactful and meaningful. The group of players known as the “tokwat bad bois” had an instant chemistry. Despite having different personalities, they complement each other and look good together.

The cast gave average performances. The story of every character is thin. The significance of online gaming into their lives wasn’t tackled well. Connection to them is weak because you’re unsure if they are worth rooting for in the first place.

The arguments that they’re mostly having don’t lead to fruitful discussions. The drama among players had more spotlight than the game itself. As a result, you’re less immersed with the game.

Education wasn’t given enough importance. There’s no effort in finding the right balance between school and gaming life.

Ang pinaka-panlaban ng pelikulang ito ay ang hitsura nito. Nakakamangha ang mga nakikita mo. Ang astig tingnan. Mukhang totoong laro ang nilalaro nila. Mukhang totoong manlalaro ang mga karakter.

Lahat ng nakikita mo ay mahalaga

para mabigyang pansin ang ganda ng pelikula.

Dubbed as the first esports film in the Philippines,

𝘎𝘎 sets a good standard in visual aspects.

Everything you see is really good.

Tungkol sa laro ang pelikula

ngunit hindi sila nakikipaglaro

sa kung ano ang kaya nilang ipakita.

Lumalaban ang Pinoy.

Lumalaban ang Pelikulang ito.

G na G!



Cast: Donny Pangilnan, Baron Geisler, Igi Boy Flores, Gold Aceron, Johannes Risler, Kaleb Ong, Marnie Lapus, Christian Vasquez, Boots Anson-Roa, Maricel Laxa, Ronaldo Valdez

Story by: Prime Cruz & Zachary Aquino

Written by: Prime Cruz & Hannah Pangilinan

Presented by: Mediaworks, MQuest Ventures, Create Cinema, Star Cinema

Release Date: January 24, 2024 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

Watched via premiere night last January 23, 2024

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

Storytelling:  3.5

Emotions:  3

Screenplay:  2

Technical:  4.7

Message:  3


Good Game:  3.24

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