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Hindi Tayo Pwede (2020)

Directed by: Joel Lamangan

This movie tells the story of a woman’s undying love for her dead partner. Having this heavy sensitive topic on hand, they mismanaged it by their lack of intimacy and care.

Variety of scenes were scattered all throughout the movie with conflicting moods and drifting approach. Iba’t ibang emosyon ang nararamdaman mo, dahil tapon sila nang tapon ng mga eksena na hindi pasok sa iisang banga.

The genre is shifting from comedy to sci-fi, whereas the drama becomes a sidetrip. Naging perya ang palabas at napuno ng katatawanan at kababalaghan.

The rollercoaster of emotions transformed into a circus of entertainment.

Each artist has their own act to showcase. Lovi Poe remains to be outstanding with her depth and maturity in acting. Both leading men delivered their lines well but depended too much on the script—which can be problematic.

The dialogues are always one-sided. Sa bawat usapan, iisang tao lang ang nagsasalita. Sa bawat salita, buong buhay na ang sinasabi. Sariling sikap ang bawat tao sa paglalahad ng talambuhay nila. Hindi sila nagtutulungan. It’s a one-man show.

The intimate scenes didn’t contribute to make the characters attached to one another. Their lips may be physically sealed, but it doesn’t open conversations that speak about their relationship and their situation.

This movie can explode anytime with its messy festivity. The only way it can be contained and explained is by narrating the whole movie—scene by scene.

The consistent voice-over from top to bottom can get cringy since it gives away too much information that you don’t need to hear but want to experience rather.

Lahat ng pagkukulang nila ay pinaliwanag sa pagsasadula. You can even watch this movie just by listening to it similar to a radio program. Pero hindi pwede kasi ito’y isang pelikula.

Madaming silang ginawa na hindi pwede, pero nagawa parin nila. The result is a movie that feels light and highly entertaining.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Lovi Poe, Tony Labrusca, Marco Gumabao, Andrea del Rosario, Christopher Roxas, Julian Trono, Phoemela Baranda, Candy Pangilinan

Presented by: VIVA Films

Date Released: March 4, 2020 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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