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I Love Lizzy (2023) Directed by: RC Delos Reyes

A seminarian in regency falls in love with a tour guide in Bicol.

The story is exceptional. But the execution is not.

Promoting the sceneries and delicacies in Bicol is truly appreciated. But the cinematography is not enough to bring out the region’s charm.

The lines are real and striking. But the delivery makes them forgettable. Some scenes and dialogues can be funny, but they turn out to be dull.

Character developments are just part of the lines. You don’t see their actual progression. Important moments happen at the background. Big decisions happen on flashbacks.

The movie had a monotonous pace. Until the ending was revealed.

The ending somehow made you appreciate the simplicity of the dialogues, which focused more on sharing their experiences rather than building their romance.

The plottwist will twist your mind, changing your perspective on love.

Lizzy’s love story may not be translated well for a cinema release. But the beauty of her story still remains.

Gotta Love Lizzy’s story.



Cast: Carlo Aquino, Barbie Imperial Presented by: MAVX Productions Date Released: January 18, 2023 in Philippine Cinemas nationwide A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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