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Ikaw At Ako At Ang Ending (2023)

Directed by: Irene Emma Villamor

Dalawang tao ang naghahangad ng masayang ending sa buhay.

Saan nila ito matatagpuan?

Kim Molina & Jerald Napoles found solace in each other. They worked as one to bring out the better version of themselves.

They’re both experienced theater actors. But this movie marks their debut as a serious love team.

Kung napapanuod nyo sila sa ibang pelikula na nagsisigawan... Ibahin nyo sila dito.

Hindi po sila OA dito.

Artista sila dito.

Tao sila dito.

Nagkwento sila dito.

Matino ang ending nila dito.

They landed right where they ought to be.

Before the arrival of their ending though, the foundation of their story lacks a gripping element that would make you want to ship for their relationship.

The conversations focus more on the basic description of the characters. You know about their jobs, but not about their life outside their jobs. Most of the time, the characters are putting on a mask coming out as strong individuals, losing the chance to convey their feelings and reveal their identity.

Their vulnerabilities are reluctantly shared, making it hard to fully empathize with them — except for some scenes when the characters veered away from their facade.

When Kim sang “Kahit Na” a capella, that’s her best moment. Her eyes speak sadness; her voice weeps sorrow and affection.

When Jerald got speechless during the revelation scene, that’s his best moment. You can feel the worry from his eyes and the fear from his movements.

If there were more moments like these where they are true to themselves, their story could’ve been more sensible.

Sometimes, they rely on narrations to describe their situation. The words mostly help in warming up the scenes. While in some cases, it just dictates what you need to feel, deterring the movie to blossom on its own.

May oras na maririnig mo nalang kung ano ang nangyayari. Imbes na ipadama sayo kung paano umikot ang mundo nila sa isa’t isa, idadaan na lang sa salita.

Maayos man ang kanilang pagganap. Kulang ang mga salita upang punan ang kanilang pagmamahalan.

Maayos man ang kanilang ending. Hindi sapat ang simula at gitna para lubusang makilala ang ikaw at ako sa kanilang istorya.



Cast: Kim Molina, Jerald Napoles

Presented by: Viva Films

Date Released: August 13, 2021 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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