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Kalel, 15 (2019)

Directed by: Jun Robles Lana

Every movie has its own story to tell. And the story of Kalel is something you really don’t want to hear.

The more you become immersed into his world, the more you want to get out from it. The darkness of his world can consume you. Everything was sad. Everything was not alright.

Everything was real.

This movie augmented the darker side of reality—in such a way that it affects your views in life. The cinematography was consistently gloomy, and the black&white approach was helpful to show how lifeless Kalel’s situation is.

Elijah Canlas portrays Kalel with ease. He is acting with less effort, yet he gets the message across. May eksena duon, naghuhugas lang sya ng pinggan, wala syang linya. Pero nakakaawa sya. Ang lungkot lungkot. Tipong ayaw mong maranasan ang pinagdaraanan nya.

Buhay na buhay ang mga eksena pag andyan si Jaclyn Jose. The way she speaks demands everyone’s attention. No matter how soft or loud her voice can get, her words resonate in your mind. Nangingibabaw at nakakadala sya. Mapapa-ngiti at tatawa ka na lang sa galing nya.

Maangas ang performance ni Elora Españo dito. Sya yung nambabastos sa pamilya, pero may respeto at pagmamahal pa rin sa kanila. For her to show these opposites at the same time, she’s someone to watch out for.

Eddie Garcia being a priest wasn’t utilized well. It’s just there to add more controversy. It didn’t pave way to open discussions that could challenge norms. Many other issues were also presented, but left neglected. Such as them being on Catholic school, drugs and broken family. They only showed these problems with no additional significant insight.

Andaming problema ni Kalel. Minsan, nakakaawa. Minsan, mawawala ka na lang. Dahil hindi mo alam kung saan sya dadalhin ng problema nya. Kung saan papunta ang istorya. Kung matatapos pa ba.

When it reached the end, the message has become proactive and alarming. Nakakatakot masaksihan, pero kailangan mo itong malaman.

The story of Kalel may be something you really don’t want to hear.

But this is a story everyone needs to know.



Cast: Elijah Canlas, Jaclyn Jose, Elora Españo, Eddie Garcia

Presented by: Cignal Entertainment, October Train Films, The Idea First Company

Date Released: November 29, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

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