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Kitty K7 (2022)

Directed by: Joy Aquino

Isang babae na bigo sa pag-ibig at sa trabaho

ang gumawa ng alter personality.

Tawagin natin siyang “Kitty K7”.

Bagay kay Rose Van Ginkel ang role. She can be serious and liberating. She is a dependable lead actress. Her role as graphic artist blends well with the story.

Marco Gallo is good in teasing and in acting. Jean Kiley Manguera can deliver lines with class and conviction. Dolly de Leon is a scene stealer.

The editing and the effects are polished. The color grading is sleek. The cinematography is aesthetically pleasing. It gives a vibe that this is not your usual sexy Vivamax movie.

The sex scenes are all part of the story.

They were done with grace and sophistication.

Hindi basta-basta nagsusulputan ang mga sex scenes dito. Hindi ka magugulat, dahil ramdam mong dapat na itong mangyari.

The story needs improvement. Some scenes are contentious, but the characters are not creating dialogues about it. The discussions are not quite diverse.

Major decisions of the main character are fast-tracked, almost just telling things instead of taking us through her process. Her transitions lack defining moments.

Too many big things are happening all at once.

It felt like a series compressed into a movie.

Isang bagsakan nangyayari ang lahat.

At ang nasa likod ng lahat ay isang babae.

Women empowerment is present and evident in this movie. Vivamax is known for sexualizing women in exchange of views and clout. But it’s a different story this time.

While there are shortcomings,

Kitty K7 has strengths…

This year, Kitty K7 has altered and uplifted the Vivamax standards in visuals, sex scenes and women representation.



Cast: Rose Van Ginkel, Marco Gallo, Jean Kiley Manguera, Miggy Jimenez, Adrian Lindayag, Dolly de Leon

Presented by: Project 8 Projects, Viva Films

Date Released: July 8, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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