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La Querida (Vivamax 2023) Directed by: GB Sampedro

A woman becomes a Querida and a Kerida.

Interesting Vivamax Story. Decent Acting Beautiful Scoring.

Magaling magpa-iyak si Mercedes Cabral kahit hindi ka sang-ayon sa karakter niya. Sa isang eksena na nilabas niya ang kanyang saluobin, naramdaman mo ang kanyang sakit at lungkot.

The background music in the sex scenes is a first-of-its-kind in Vivamax because it uses Jose Rizal poems to show the characters’ intimacy. The scoring is captivating.

The story tried to show the history, the present and the future. But ends up being the same romanticized cheating and mistress story—that disempowers women.

The insertion of the different timelines was not smooth. Camera movements tend to be shaky. Spanish accent sounded unnatural. Some characters have little exposure, even though their contribution to the story is big.

The terms Querida (beloved) and the Kerida (mistress) are often used for wordplay. But not playful enough to integrate it with the characters as their love is fleeting and inconsistent.

Mas nangibabaw ang pagiging Kerida sa istorya kaysa sa pagiging Querida. Kung kaya’t ang pagmamahal para sa pelikulang ito ay kulang din at patago lamang.


⭐️⭐️ Cast: Arron Villaflor, Angela Morena, Jay Manalo, Mercedes Cabral Presented by: Viva Films, Five 2 Seven Entertainment Production Date Released: February 10, 2023 via Vivamax A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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