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Lampas Langit (2022)

Directed by: Jeffrey Hidalgo

2 writers need to create new stories

for their novels.

How good are their stories?

Baron Geisler and Ricky Davao are good storytellers.

Parehas silang nagsasalita. Hindi mo alam kung kaninong panig ka makikinig, dahil parehas silang magaling mag-kwento.

The storytelling is sometimes exaggerated, making you question the integrity of their story. Sometimes, it works to their advantage because it creates a blur between fantasy in writing and reality in life.

That blur clearly becomes a weakness as soon as the plot twist is revealed, because it also exposes the inconsistencies of the story.

The plotholes are glaring. The continuity is not smooth. Most scenes happen abruptly. The events are campy and not grounded. The female leads are not believable. You’re not connected with the characters.

This is one of the rare cases in Vivamax where the story comes first. There are still unnecessary sex scenes, but relatively few already. But how good a story can be when the execution is not at par.

May kakayahan sanang lumipad ang pelikulang ito. Ngunit hindi ito nabigyan ng matibay na pakpak para umangat.



p.s. Their poster is totally misleading. Should have been Baron Geisler and Ricky Davao on the poster. Anyways, we all know how Vivamax works.

Cast: Baron Geisler, Christine Bermas, Chloe Jenna, Ricky Davao

Presented by: Viva Films

Date Released: August 19, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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