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Late Bloomer (Vivamax 2024)

Directed by: Rodante Pajemna Jr.

A woman’s dying wish is to experience sex again.

She is using her sickness to take advantage of other people. She is manipulating her co-worker and her ex into having sex with her.

Even if her nose is already bleeding, her priority is still to have sex. No effort to talk about her disease, her medication nor treatment. The diagnosis about her sickness felt like an excuse for her to have unlimited sex.

To refresh her memory on sex positions, she watches Vivamax movies. Cheating is also being romanticized and downplayed.

In terms of acting, Erika Balagtas is the most tolerable. The rest are painful to watch. The cinematography is too bright. The sex scenes are not lustful. The script is the worst.

The main character in this movie is not a late bloomer

but a real bummer.


Rating: -1/5

Cast: Erika Balagtas, Robb Guinto, Ardy Raymundo, Mikhael Padua, Jasper Torres, Marc Coplador

Headwriter: JC Pacala

Writer: Nigel Santos

Release Date: April 30, 2024 on Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Review

Storytelling:  -1

Emotions:  -1

Screenplay:  -2

Technical:  -0.2

Message:  -1


Late Bloomer:  -1.04



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