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Lockdown (2021)

Directed by: Joel Lamangan

Faced with financial problems, a family-oriented guy finds a way to survive amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

How far will you go to survive?

Paolo Gumabao left nothing to chance. He embodies all the requirement needed for the main character. With no qualms and inhibitions, he was able to showcase his abilities. His last few scenes are the most enthralling.

Pinakita niya lahat ng pwede niyang ipakita.

Hindi naging maramot ang pelikulang ito sa pagpapalabas ng kanilang kwento. Dahan-dahan nilang nailahad ang mga kaganapan. Hanggang sa makarating sila sa mahahalagang mga eksena.

Matino at buo ang istorya. They’ve provided a well-rounded journey for the main character.

An essential element present in this film is their blatant display of COVID-19 protocols. This is one of the few movies that fully acknowledges our current situation. They were able to make scenes without invalidating the pandemic regulations.

The actors mostly speak to each other with their face masks on. Yet it doesn’t become a hindrance to successfully deliver their lines.

Most of them are excellent with their roles. You can easily empathize with Max Eigenmann and Angellie Sanoy. Ruby Ruiz is effortlessly effective. Jim Pebanco is a natural entertainer.

Despite brief appearance, Alan Paule gave the most convincing portrayal that added more impact to the story.

The video call boys had enough exposure and lines to gauge their acting skills. They need some more trainings to release their inner strengths.

Dialogues need improvement, for it sometimes creates off and awkward moments.

The flow of the movie is not as clean as it should be, resulting to glaring loopholes and continuity errors.

The cinematography is weak in capturing the fire in every scene. The shots lack life and passion, unable to fully match the intensity of the situation.

This movie runs low on good visuals and technicalities, but exerts effort to give a decent and current story.

True to its title, Lockdown unleashes the gravity of the pandemic situation and imparts a strong message at the end.



Cast: Paolo Gumabao, Ruby Ruiz, Max Eigenmann, Angellie Sanoy, Sean de Guzman, Neil Suarez, Dincent Lujero, Kristian Allene, Mauro Salas, Jeff Carpio, Jess Evardone, Paul Jake Paule, Alexis Yasuda, Jim Pebanco, Allan Paule / Alan Paule

Presented by: For The Love Of Art Films

Date Released: July 23, 2021 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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