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Losers-1 Suckers-0 (AQ Prime 2023) Directed by: Niokz Arcega

4 losers find a way on how to win girls. Instead, they ended up with a group of suckers.

This movie actually sucks, but in a good addicting way.

The execution is such a loser, but the story and concept is such a winner.

The movie title is indicative of possible never-ending sequels. The ending makes you excited on when will the suckers have their first point.

The visual effects can be compared to Cartoon Network. But don’t compare it. So you can enjoy it.

Half of the movie’s runtime can be fun, while the other half can be boring. A lot of scenes can be removed or edited to make it more entertaining. But somehow, even the dullest and the most raw scenes were retained.

The acting is exaggerated and cringey. But because it’s pretty consistent, you can get immune to it.

The 4 leads have no distinct personalities to separate them from one another. They all have the same level of energy. If one of them goes out of the picture, you’ll barely notice it unless you count them.

Ang pinaka-winner dito ay ang obligatory special appearance ni Atty. Aldwin Alegre na parating present sa mga AQ Prime movies. Ang pinaka-loser dito ay yung Teacher na binabasa lang word-for-word kung ano ang nasa libro habang nagtuturo. Nagturo ka pa talaga niyan ah??

Pang-college project ang approach ng pelikula. Pero pang-best college project nominee ang datingan. Angat na angat ito kung AQ Prime lang ang pag-uusapan. Dahil ito lang ang nagbigay ng kakaibang buhay pagdating sa kagatan ng mga katawan.

Napanindigan nila ang pagiging loser. Dahil dun, sila ay naging winner.



p.s. Sana letter Z na lang yung Suckerz. Same universe kasi ito ng D Aswang Slayerz. Pero mas may kwento at mas may sense ang Suckerz kaya hindi sila umabot sa infinity level.

We need a Slayerz vs Suckerz crossover. AQ Prime and Amartha, please make it happen. Cast: Jayden Lim (Alex), Bench Manalon (Boogs), Khiester Bernardino (Ong), Charles Temones (Spanky), Jack Daniel Burgos, Mara Quevedo, Yana Fuentes, Marcus Madrigal, Ara Mina Presented by: AQ Prime, NKO Studio Production Date Released: April 21, 2023 via AQ Prime A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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