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Love At First Stream (MMFF 2021)

Directed by: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Four leads.

Two loveteams.

Big dreams.

Tangled in a world of streaming.

The online streaming world is a timely topic. And the movie successfully showed its main pros and cons. The endorsement for the Kumu app could’ve been downplayed, because it sometimes affects the movie’s sincere spirit. Some solutions to the character’s problems are also hurried, though quite understandable given the limited setting.

The Director knows how to maximize her resources, always turning a simple cliché scene into a magical one. The Writer also chose the perfect words to make every conversation count.

The scenes are made more powerful because the right songs are played at the right time. Special mention to “Tagu-taguan” (by Moira dela Torre) and “Sa Panaginip Lang” (by Trisha Denise) that made the scenes more emotional. “No Stopping You” (by SB19) captured the energy of the characters.

The main cast did bring their A game. Anthony Jennings is natural both as a charmer and as an actor. Kaori Oinuma and Jeremiah Lisbo’s tandem worked—even if they’re not physically together in most scenes.

The passion of Daniela Stranner didn’t fluctuate. Her transformation—from being a likable character to something that is not—was remarkable. It was a pivotal moment that’s worthy to be seen.

Mahusay ang mga artista.

May saysay ang istorya.

Maayos ang pelikula.

Magaling ang pagkakagawa.

Maaaring napanuod mo na ang ganitong klaseng tema. Maaaring paulit-ulit ka na ring umibig at nasaktan. Nangarap at nabigo. Nadapa at tumayo.

Pero paulit-ulit pa rin natin itong pagdaraanan.

At babaunin bilang isang bagong karanasan.

Usual setbacks. Typical romcom formula.

But this movie will make you feel

like it is the first time.



Cast: Daniela Stranner, Anthony Jennings, Kaori Oinuma, Jeremiah Lisbo

Presented by: Star Cinema

Date Released: December 25, 2021 in Philippine Cinemas

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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