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Love The Way U Lie (2020)

Directed by: RC delos Reyes

A psychic is helping a widowed husband to communicate with his deceased wife.

Communication is an essential element in this movie. And they failed to utilize it to their advantage.

Everytime they talk, you don’t know where they are coming from. You can’t empathize with them, because there are no supporting scenes behind those words. There are a lot of skips and fast forwards that prevented the characters to have a relatable journey.

Their words have no weight.

Whether it’s a lie or not, you don’t feel its gravity.

The script mentions the basic profile of the characters, with no intentions of showing their way of living. Their profession didn’t play a significant role to their endeavors. The mock insertion of Chinese culture is not useful in describing their family. Most of the cast are just accessory to the movie with no deeper sense of purpose.

The relationship of the main characters feels like a bubble that can easily be popped due to its weak foundation.

The setting has a stronger foundation. The cinematography did justice to the City of Manila. The locations around Manila are depicted as scenic spots and travel recommendations for food, history and arts.

The overall look and vibe of this movie made it endearing to watch—despite its failures in some elements.

The cast and their quirky punchlines bring laughters in a satisfying manner. The insertion of bubbly graphics adds more vibrancy to the scenes.

Alex Gonzaga uses her wit to show her comic and dramatic skills, wherein she delivers in both aspects. Chad Kinis and Kim Molina had some unexpected banters that are certain to give smiles and laughs.

The cheerful atmosphere serves as the main redeeming factor of this movie. The scenes are crafted with entertainment, allowing you to bear with the story.

You may not love the way the story progresses, but you’ll appreciate the charm and humor this movie has to offer.



Cast: Alex Gonzaga, Xian Lim, Kylie Verzosa, Chad Kinis, Kim Molina

Presented by: TinCan, VIVA Films

Date Released: August 20, 2020 on Netflix

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

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