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Love You Long Time (SMMFF 2023)

Directed by: JP Habac

Dalawang tao mula sa magkaibang panahon

ang nagkakilala.

Handa ba silang harapin ang nakaraan

at ang kinabukasan ng isa’t isa?

Nothing can prepare you on the complications that love can bring into relationships. Same goes with the events unfolding in this movie.

The story plays around with your mind, making you question what’s possible while also being sensible. The script can be taken as an allegory or it can also be taken literally. Either way, the complexities remain.

The cinematography captures the beauty of Baguio City and Atok, Benguet. The camera movements “move” you. The editing, hand-in-hand with the cinematography, is able to show two perspectives that are the same but also different.

Carlo Aquino delivers whereas Eisel Serrano does not. The female lead needs further push to release the needed emotions in every scene. Actresses Ana Abad Santos and Meann Espinosa are enjoyable to watch.

Relationship problems are not being thoroughly discussed in this movie, limiting the chance to know the characters on a personal intimate level. But more than the characters, you’ll fall in love with the screenplay and how it came to life right before your eyes.

The main story was put on hold to establish a fleeting love team. While you already want answers, patience has its rewards. Trust the process of Direk JP Habac as he will take you there at the right time.

Ang mga bagay na hindi maintindihan ay naipakita sa tamang panahon. Ang mga salitang hindi masabi ay nailarawan sa magandang paraan.

A familiar story was told like you’re experiencing it for the first time. Someone’s past may be perfect with someone’s future. But what’s more important is the now.

Seeing this movie from that perspective,

you might just love this movie for a long time.



Cast: Carlo Aquino, Eisel Serrano, Ana Abad Santos, Arlene Muhlach, Meann Espinosa, Patrick Quiroz, Juan Miguel Severo

Presented by: Studio Three Sixty

Release Date: April 8, 2023 in Philippine Cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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