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MedusAe: New Cut (QCinema 2019)

Directed by: Pam Miras

The main character (Desiree del Valle) shoots a documentary about the disappearances of first borns in a remote island. In doing so, her own son gets lost too.

To explain why, the movie mentions different theories that involve basic science, human nature and classic myth.

Seems intriguing. Looks promising. Napakalakas ng material nila. They have a solid foundation to make this movie work.

As the movie progresses, this foundation slowly breaks into pieces. Hindi nila naalagaan. Hindi nila alam kung ano ang sasabihin nila, at kung paano nila sasabihin. Kaya ibinigay nalang sa’yo lahat lahat, pero kalat kalat.

First morning, they would talk about the family’s grief. Next day, they would introduce a folklore. Afterwards, some narrated clips of jellyfish in its medusa form. That feels like a dull attempt to save their movie title.

It’s not a problem that they’re inserting these elements. The main concern is how are they doing it, and how are they connecting it with Desiree’s character. She feels so distant while all of these are happening.

I wanted to be part of Desiree’s search for truth behind the missing firstborns. Pero andaming sidetrip at pasakalye. Those little bits of others consume the whole movie, losing my experience as a viewer to follow her journey.

This movie lost their chance in sharing a good material, by focusing on its eerie depictions and spoon-fed information. Instead of telling a story using the characters of Desiree and her son.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Desiree del Valle, Carl Palagana

Presented by: Contagious Inc., Quiapost Productions

Date Released: October 13-22, 2019 for QCinema

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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