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Missed Connections (2023) Directed by: Jelise Chung

A girl tries to win a boy who already friendzoned her.

Is there really a missed connection? Or it is just forced interaction?

Magaling sina Miles Ocampo at Kelvin Miranda. Sila ang nagdala ng pelikula. Cute silang umarte. Nakaka-kilig ang kanilang samahan sa unang bahagi ng pelikula.

Habang tumatagal, ang kilig ay napupunta sa inis. Habang mas nakikilala mo ang bida, mas lalo siyang nagiging kontrabida.

Ang kagandahan sa pelikulang ito ay hindi sila takot na ipakita ang kapintasan at kahinaan ng bida. Ipapamukha nila na hindi perpekto ang tao—kahit ikaw pa ang bida sa sarili mong kwento.

Ang problema sa pelikulang ito ay hindi nila napag-uusapan ang totoong problema. Andaming beses na pwede nilang bigyan ito ng pansin, pero hindi nila ginawa.

The confrontation scene is the most crucial part, because that’s their best chance to tackle these major issues. While some lines are heartfelt and quotable, the dialogues are not truly addressing what needs to be addressed. Also, Chie Filomeno’s superficial acting does not help.

Conversations with JC Santos and Matet de Leon are the ones that are helpful. However, the protagonist’s flaws are briefly acknowledged. Before you know it, she is a changed person already.

The most important process of her journey is missing. Her path towards self-improvement and self-awareness is not shown. Character development happens in a snap.

The importance of social media was not mentioned. The struggles of having an online business were not shared. These external factors also contributed in shaping the main character, yet they were left in the background.

The plot is promising. The main character has a lot more to offer. The movie has the potential to do more. But they managed to downplay and romanticize things, making it look less important than what it really is.

More than missed connections, this movie is drowning itself with missed opportunities.


⭐️⭐️ Cast: Miles Ocampo, Kelvin Miranda, Chie Filomeno, Jerico Arceo, Matet de Leon, JC Santos Presented by: ANIMA Studios Date Released: June 2, 2023 via Netflix A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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