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My Letters To Happy (2019)

Directed by: Pertee Briñas

Different emotions were felt while watching this movie, and Happy is the word that can contain them all into one.

Masaya panuorin ang ganitong palabas, dahil hindi ka iniwan sa ere at sinamahan kang maglakbay, para matuklasan ang mga bagay bagay.

Magbibigay sila ng mahalagang problema. Ipapakita sayo kung paano nangyayari yun. Pag-uusapan ang mga posibleng solusyon. Ipadarama sayo ang bawat sitwasyon.

My favorite scene is the sushi deserving game wherein both characters would share why they deserve the last sushi on plate. Their conversation didn’t need to have flashback scenes and heavy lines. Their performance is enough to prove their point.

TJ Trinidad is a classy fine actor. His actions are full of precision and grace. In a snap, he can make you feel lonely or terrified, angry or tired. He can deliver and switch smoothly without having to do so much.

The character of Happy is so flawed, that only Glaiza de Castro can put the pieces together and present it to us as one. She can show happiness on the outside, and make you feel empty on the inside. She seems gloomy, but at the same time, hopeful. Only Glaiza can make Happy come to life. And I’m more than happy to witness it.

TJ & Glaiza’s combination is beyond loveteam. They handled their relationship with maturity and respect. Showing us bits of reality through their joy and pain.

They let you ride their rollercoaster of emotions. Matutuwa ka at malulungkot. Maiinis ka at ma-iinlove. Minsan, madadala ka. Pero minsan, mabibigla ka na lang.

The instant switching of tone has become so excessive and constant — that sometimes feels like an abrupt phasing and rough editing, rather than an intended rhythm.

No matter how diverse the emotions were, they still managed to put them all on one plate. Kahit madami silang ibinigay at ipinadama, alam nila kung para saan lahat ng iyon. By the end, even if I’m having mixed emotions, I’m overall glad to have seen this movie.

Happy to witness a character journey filled with different emotions, but leading to the same information, promoting an honest resolution.



Cast: Glaiza de Castro, TJ Trinidad, Alyssa Valdez

Presented by: I Am Who I Am Foundation, MediScene, Keep Filming

Date Released: July 17, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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