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My Lockdown Romance (2020) Directed by: Bobby Bonifacio Jr.

Two male buddies are reunited amidst the pandemic lockdown. What kind of a relationship they have? Is it friendship? Or something romantic? Either way, they bring joy and hope to the table. The film had its fun and serious moments that offer some thoughts to ponder at these challenging times. There’s a slight effort to insert social and health awareness albeit only at a surface level. The flow of the story is decent and smooth—considering that most scenes are webcam videos and screen recordings. The virtual and lockdown setting did not become a hindrance to share their story and emotions. The characters are connected to one another, even if they are not physically together. You can feel the sincerity with their words and facial expressions. The simple headshot angles worked in their favor. The songs also helped in boosting the intensity of pivotal moments. Some discussions are on point, most especially when the main character is talking with her girl bestfriend about plans and perspectives. The words strike a chord and relay an important message. Some topics are neglected, such as family ties and life choices. The background of the main characters was shown, but failed in giving support to their major decisions in life. In effect, the turn of events lost its weight. The excitement and suspense are still present throughout the film. They were able to hold your interest till the very last scene. Being true to its straightforward title, the film was able to release the feeling of romance in a lockdown period.



Cast: Jameson Blake, Joao Constancia, Gab Pangilinan Presented by: Star Cinema

Date Released: November 13, 2020 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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