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My Teacher (MMFF 2022)

Directed by: Paul Soriano

A teacher, who is strict with her students,

is about to learn some lessons for her life.

Toni Gonzaga is good in acting. But her character as a teacher feels like a side plot, among many other subplots present in the movie.

The opportunity to raise concerns (about underpaid teachers, downgraded equipment, low budget on education and so many others) was lost.

The chance for this film to become a voice for the teachers was missed.

Instead, it tackles many other things that the students experience in their school life. One of which is about gender sensitivity, and the movie handled it with care and respect.

The plots concerning the senior student, the varsity player, and the working student didn’t have a good storytelling. The lead character’s own conflict didn’t receive a proper build-up, too.

Upfront bullying, grades tampering and school politics are present, but no satisfying counteraction was presented. It’s just there to add some spice and additional conflicts.

The team-up between Toni Gonzaga and Joey de Leon is underutilized. They have a very little chemistry in this movie.

The movie excels whenever the teacher is consistently being portrayed as a human being who helps other people. And they have a lot of those moments.

In those moments, there’s tenderness and compassion. In those scenes, there’s a teacher and a friend.

The earnest scenes, scattered throughout the movie, are enough to make you appreciate what the movie can really offer.

The last few messages are a good summary to the whole movie. The story’s conclusion is somehow fitting to the title afterall.



Cast: Toni Gonzaga, Joey de Leon

Presented by: Ten17P, TinCan Productions

Date Released: December 25, 2022 in Philippine Cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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