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Nananahan (TMFF 2024)

Written & Directed by: Dwein Baltazar

Ang tahimik ng pelikula, ngunit hindi ka tatahimik pagkatapos mo itong mapanuod. Nagpakita sila ng mga eksena na maaaring manahan sa iyong isipan.

The scenes in black and white showed how lifeless the characters are. The scoring brought life to some moments. The movie is showing more of their mundane activities, but less of what they’re feeling from the situation.

At the very least, it just makes you curious. Even so, no one really holds the final answer.

Meron ba talagang kasagutan

sa mga bagay na walang kasiguraduhan

katulad ng kamatayan?

We are dwelling

on things that are fleeting.


Rating: 2/5

The Manila Film Festival 2024 has a total of 12 new short films—divided into 2 sets. This short film is part of the SET A films.

Cast: Ronnie Lazaro, Pio Benedicto, Donna Cariaga, Gold Aceron

Presented by: ANIMA Studios, The Manila Film Festival 2024

Release Date: June 5-11, 2024 for The Manila Film Festival 2024 at Robinsons Manila and Robinsons Magnolia

A Movie Review Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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