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Neomanila (QCinema 2017)

Directed by: Mikhail Red

A homeless boy got recruited by a notorious team who mercilessly kills drug pushers and users.

In this war on drugs, how do you draw the line between a suspect and a victim?

They‘re all the same.

They’re all just dead bodies now.

This is the New Manila we are living in right now.

Pay a visit to Neomanila for its fearless topic, relevant message and pleasing cinematography. No reasons to stay, because there’s no connection made for its characters and story.

Hindi ito ang istoryang kakapitan mo.

Para madala ka sa mga nangyayari.

Ipapakita sayo ang masalimuot na mundo.

Pero hindi ka naman bahagi.

The characters are detached from you. They failed to introduce these people as one of us. Their mundane lives were not shared. You only see them as someone who shoots.

Nakagugol ang oras sa pagpapaganda ng mga maruming bahay at madilim na daan. Nawalan ng oras sa pagpapakilala kung sino ang mga nakatira dito. Kahit umiyak sila sa harapan mo, hindi mo sila marinig.

The tears they cry have no weight.

The angst they show have no foundation.

All you hear are gunshots, and it doesn’t even resonate. No matter how many bullets they shoot, it doesn’t add up to the impact of the characters.

The movie lacks empathy to create a compelling sensation of the reality.



Cast: Timothy Castillo, Eula Valdes, Rocky Salumbides, Jess Mendoza

Presented by: TBA Studios, PelikulaRED

Date Released: October 20-28, 2017 for QCinema; March 13, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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